Upcycled Glass

Upcycled glass from empty wine bottles is used for the whole glassware collection including drinking glasses, carafes and vases. The wine bottles are a waste product from Zanzibar’s tourism industry.

Low impact sourcing & production process

1. Made from waste

The bottles are collected from hotels, restaurants and bars. After the collection, they are carefully sorted and cleaned.

2. Cut by hand

The craftspeople cut the bottles into different sizes and shapes and sand the edges. The whole production process happens manually by using simple tools.

Raising environmental awareness

Giving a second life to wine bottles by upcycling them contributes to an island-wide waste reduction programme. It raises the environmental awareness of the local population and keeps the disposed wine bottles from ending up in the sea or on landfills.

Creating job opportunities

around 300.000 wine bottles per year are saved from being discarded on landfills
From harvesting until the end product, the entire process is executed by hand and/or with the support of simple traditional tools. Multiple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.
The Makers