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Due to Covid-19 many people in 3rd world countries have lost their income as a large number of western buyers have cancelled their production orders. Bangladesh is one of the countries that is hit hard with an estimate garment order cancellation of USD 3 billion according to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

To make matters worse the authorities of Bangladesh have ordered a total lockdown until the 25th of April in an attempt to contain the spread of the Corona virus. Many people are now facing life below the poverty line in a country lacking a proper social security system. Relief aid is immediately needed and originalhome has set up a not for profit promotion to raise money and create awareness for this disaster.


Originalhome collaborates with small fair trade workshops in remote rural areas of Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tanzania. To support the poorest workers and artisans during the Corona disaster, we have privately financed a relief fund to help those in immediate need. The fund was initially set up to support 39 of the poorest workers of the handloom workshop in Panchagarh, Bangladesh. This workshop looms the originalhome’s table linen, aprons and totes from waste cotton. Although the artisans normally receive fair wages, current lockdown prevents them from working and has thus deprived them from their income.


In this time of crisis, the need for basics like rice and money for medicine is high and becoming more pressing every day. To enable support for more workers and their families, originalhome offers a promotion of its social gifts. This Covid-19 Aid Through Trade campaign is offered to all resellers of originalhome. Resellers can buy the social gifts at a small discount and of every product sold, 5 kg rice will be donated to the artisans and workers of the handloom workshop in Panchargh Bangladesh. This promotion is strictly non-profit for originalhome and all proceeds will benefit the recipients of the program. We aim to support at least 100 families.


The COVID-19 Aid Through Trade promotion supports a dual cause. Not only will rice be donated to the people in need but through the sales of the social gifts, we can help ensure continued work at the workshops in Indonesia and Tanzania where these products are made. This campaign may benefit originalhome’s resellers by providing them with a compelling promotion of gift items that are of relevance in this difficult time.



We at originalhome believe that continued production with our partners in Indonesia, Tanzania and Bangladesh is key to combat the impact of current crises on the poorest communities. All workshops have taken the necessary precautions as instructed by their governments and all social distancing and hygiene measures are in place. Where possible facilities are arranged to have people work from home such as moving handlooms from workshops to artisans houses. Supporting trade during these challenging times is important. Those who have to stay at home prefer to be productive and earn their income. It gives them pride and dignity


Are you interested in participating in the Aid Through Trade campaign or do you have questions please connect to

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