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Our Story

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read about what we are made of.

We are a community of independent professionals who put our passion and expertise towards a social cause; to make this world a little bit greener and people friendlier. We do this by building an eco-design brand that supports an ethical and sustainable business model and contributes to a better distribution of wealth in the global home decoration industry.

In other words; putting people and planet before profit.

We started Original Home Company in 2013 as an exporter of furniture and home decoration accessories from Indonesia. Our products were almost exclusively created in cottage industries in rural villages. Although successful, we realised that our design and sustainability philosophy would be better conveyed to end consumers if we would start our own brand instead of being part of the assortment of others; originalhome was born.

Eco Design = Earth + People Friendly

Nature is at the origin of everything we do; from the choice of raw materials, to the design of our products and the way they are produced. In short our philosophy is best described as:

Eco Design = Earth + People Friendly

Eco Design

We love “living green” and believe that every home and every space should have its own touch of nature. Our designs are simple, eliminating all but the essentials. We preserve the authentic character of the original materials and call this ECO DESIGN. Our interior decoration has a clean and organic look and feel and fits easily into any style interior.

“Originalhome is designed to connect you with nature, to inspire you to be creative and to be 100% your original you”

Learn more how eco design beautifies spaces and effects your sense of well-being.


Earth Friendly

Eco-Friendly from Origin
We believe that our products should have little to no negative impact on our eco system. We follow the principle of recycle, reuse and reduce. We create, design and produce together with gifted crafts(wo)man, interior decoration that is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. We use natural, renewable, recycled or easily biodegradable materials in every aspect of our company and put time, money and effort to constantly improve our processes.
Home decoration that is made of natural sustainable material has more texture, is more original, has more value and will inspire you more.

Eco Friendly Materials

People Friendly

We strongly believe that our products should be people friendly as well. This is one of our most important goals and does not only benefit our customers. All of our products are ethically sourced. There are still many people in this world that live on or below the international poverty line on less than $ 1.25 per day. These people live in the more remote and rural areas and do not have access to jobs with low barriers for entry. Bringing jobs to people who need it the most is a goal we wish to support and this is how we do it:

We Support Small Scale Entrepreneurship

Poverty reduction through trade forms a key part of our aims. We collaborate with local entrepreneurs who work in a sustainable manner with (rural) communities in 3rd world countries (mainly Indonesia and Bangladesh). We consistently choosing this type of entrepreneurship and support job opportunities for more marginalized people to help elevate their socio-economic status and quality of life.

Job Opportunities in Bangladesh

We Trade Fair

Only through fair trade we can work towards a better distribution of wealth. We embed the fair trade principles of equality, respect, partnership, transparency, fair pricing, safe working conditions through the chain and of course child or forced labour is prohibited. Our suppliers are Fair Trade, WFTO/ EKOTA, certified (or in process) or fit our social sustainability profile.

We Celebrate Craftsmanship

All of our products are made by hand or with simple hand tools . (Wo)man made products do not only have more soul, are more unique and create beautiful shapes it is also a low barrier entry for many marginalized people in remote villages and rural areas.

Why everything so perfect

We Give Back

Originalhome is a social business. We are financially self-sustainable, not dependent on any donations and we do not aim for profit maximizing.

However, to build a truly sustainable business and value chain, there is no substitute for commercial viability and profitability. Therefore we are a for profit enterprise. We use the majority of these profits or surpluses to reinvest back into the business and increase social and environmental impact further. E.g expanding our distribution, improving our products and production processes or improving selected projects that benefits the communities where our products are being created.

“We are unaware of how our day to day purchasing decisions effect the world around us. Our increasing need for convenient and cheap products comes at a price; it has an huge impact on the planet and stimulates an unequal distribution of wealth. Companies should take their responsibility to produce and offer great looking earth & people friendly alternatives and create awareness amongst us consumers”

Patricia, originalhome

Hope you want to join us to make this planet a little bit greener and people friendlier!

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