Organic design that makes impact... and gives back


By putting planet & people (and animals) before profit!

Earth friendly materials

Nature is at the origin of originalhome and we solely use quickly renewable plants or waste materials (no plastic!) for our designs.

Low environmental impact production process

During the production process water, energy, CO2, chemicals and toxins are reduced, kept to a minimum or are completely avoided. The major part of the production process is executed by hand from harvesting raw materials until crafting the end product. Raw materials are all locally available and by keeping the natural looks of the materials little processing is need.

Care for people

Poverty reduction through fair trade forms a key part of our aims. How?
The Makers

Supporting rural communities

Poverty arises In the remote, rural communities of developing countries. Far away from the big cities people are depending on seasonal income which is not enough to support their families.

Partnerships with local social entrepreneurs

By consistently collaborating with local entrepreneurs who work in a sustainable manner with rural communities. we can create more jobs together.

Hand craft creates job opportunities

To lower the barrier of entrance and to create more job opportunities in rural communities, our products are carefully handcrafted using traditional skills and tools. Bonus: it’s a method of manufacturing that has a low impact on the environment.

Empowering women

Working from home and on their own time schedule empowers women to combine work with family tasks. It helps them to elevate their socio-economic status, independence and quality of life.

Fair trade

We embed the FAIR TRADE principles of quality, respect, partnership, fair wages transparency, fair pricing, safe working conditions in our ways of working. It is the 1st step to elevate people from poverty. Our partners are Fair Trade certified (or in process) and/or fit our social sustainability profile.

Ingredients for social responsibility

  • A people friendly mindset
  • Partnership
  • Acceptance of imperfection
  • Respect
  • Flexibility
  • Fairness
  • Patience

And animals too

We love animals as much as we love our planet and declare to not use any fur, leather, wool, down or silk or any other animal related materials in the products we create.