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Eco-friendly alternatives to decorate your home or office

Nature is at the origin of our products. We aim to minimize a negative impact on our eco-system and use natural, organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials such as fast growing plants like seagrass, jute or bamboo.

We take it seriously and look to nature for inspiration

Nature is our design inspiration and we absolutely love organic shapes. Our designs are simple, eliminating all but the essentials. We preserve the authentic character of the materials in our products and call this eco-design. The modern though timeless design of our products fits easily into any style interior. Did you know that organic shapes actually contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing?


Social Gifts are handpicked gift items with a mission. They support a sustainable and a social cause at the same time like a candle making factory to support the rural women of Java, Indonesia. All items are packed in a gift box with a personal message.

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