6000 kgs rice for Zanzibar

Support for artisans

COVID-19 Aid Through Trade Promotion for the wine bottle recycling workshop in Zanzibar, Tanzania, has raised over 6000 kg of rice. Together with our resellers and the donations of generous supporters of the cause, 39 artisans of the recycled wine bottle workshop receive a monthly donation as an additional support to their income.

Zanzibar in crisis due to Covid

Zanzibar, is economically hit very hard by the pandemic due the absence of tourism which is their main source of income. Many artisans face life below the poverty line since the outbreak. Although originalhome has been producing with the wine bottle recycling workshop during the Covid crisis the workload has not been sufficient to continuously provide the artisans with work. Additional support was immediately needed.


Food baskets for the artisans

To support the artisans in need, originalhome started another aid through trade promotion with the social gift collection; of every social gift sold, 5 KGS rice is donated to the artisans of the WFTO- certified upcycled wine bottle workshop in Zanzibar. The total rice proceeds is converted into a tailored food basket which every employee receives on a monthly basis. The basket contains Ugali, a local flour, oil and rice which are the basic ingredients for nutritional meals.

Glassware with a mission

The WFTO Fairtrade certified workshop collects wine bottles from hotels, restaurants and bars before they end up as litter on the island. They sort, clean and expertly cut them into different glasses, vases, carafes and t-lights. Besides giving waste a second life, this project support important job opportunities in Zanzibar. These crafts(wo)men earn fair wages, learn a craft and are trained in different life skills.



Originalhome promotes earth, people, and animal friendliness and builds its product portfolio on conscious consumption and production. We are about a better distribution of wealth, equality, transparency, fair pricing, and partnership. If we want to make the world a better place we need to take our responsibility especially during crises and look beyond our own challenges to support those in need. Because of good partnership with the wine bottle recycling workshop and our resellers we can make a small difference in the lives of a few.

Non profit promotions originalhome

Originalhome supports specific causes on a continuous basis with tailored promotions. These promotions are strictly not for profit for originalhome. All proceeds benefits the cause.

How can you help?

Are you interested in participating in the Aid Through Trade campaign or do you have questions please connect to hello@originalhome.nl.

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