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Did you know that 65% of our collection is made from waste material? For the love of our planet we reuse, recycle and upcycle as much as we can.


The origin of originalhome is nature and we have made it our goal to make originalhome the earth friendliest brand. All of our products are handmade from natural organic materials and are biodegradable and/or recyclable. We use the most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods possible by minimizing the use of dyes, chemicals, water and energy.

Did you know that 65% of our collection is made from waste material? For the love of our planet we reuse, recycle and upcycle as much as we can. We take recycling waste seriously: from the materials we work with to the fillers of our floor cushions and the packaging of the social gifts; it is all made form waste.

For the preservation of the earth it is of the utmost importance that we consciously handle our natural resources. There are a lot of materials that are considered as waste but can actually turned into something beautiful. By minimizing and recycling waste we can make a positive footprint on our planet. Materials we use are reclaimed teak, recycled wood, upcycled wine bottles, waste and recycled cotton and there is some much more to come.

The Waste Materials of Originalhome Collection

Kitchen and Tableware from Reclaimed Teak

The kitchen and tableware is made from the root of a teak tree; a waste product from the teak plantations in Java, Indonesia. The root is discarded wood and must be unearthed for new plantings. The roots are collected, cleaned and traditionally handcrafted into different pieces of kitchenware by local villagers. The kitchenware items are food safe and treated with non-toxic, natural oil. Teak root is a hard wood and therefore durable and very sustainable. It will last a lifetime.


Accent Furniture from Waste Wood

The stools, benches and side tables are made from waste wood from old Indonesian houses, barns, boats, trucks or made from branches. The waste wood is collected, sorted and cleaned and turned into accent furniture by using traditional methods of construction. The items may still contain nails, screws, holes, bolts and filled cavities along with other imperfections. These imperfections show its past and are never intentionally made. All products 100% original.

Throws & Cushions from Waste Cotton

The throws and cushions are made from waste cotton from the textile industry of Indonesia. The waste cotton is collected from a variety of manufacturers, sorted, cleaned and hand spun into thick yarn. The yarn is dyed by hand and handwoven into a throw (or cushion cover) on a traditional handloom in a small workshop in Central Java. The whole process to make a throw takes 2 days.


Kitchen & Table Linen

The kitchen linen is made from cutting waste from the garment industry in Bangladesh. It is sorted on colour, cleaned and processed into recycled cotton fibres. These fibres are machine spun into recycled cotton yarn without the use of water, chemicals or other dyes. The table linen is made from waste cotton from the textile industry of Bangladesh. It is hand spun into thick yarn and hand dyed. All yarns are handwoven into table and kitchen linen on a traditional loom.

Glassware Upcycled Wine Bottles

The glasses, carafes, vases and t-lights are upcycled from empty wine bottles; a waste product from Zanzibar’s tourism industry. The empty bottles are collected from hotels, restaurants and bars and sorted, cleaned and cut into different shapes and sizes. They are given a second life and this contributes to a very important waste reduction program on this beautiful but poor island.


Fillers, liners and Packaging

The floor cushions are filled with waste cotton. The liners in the baskets are made from recycled cotton and our packaging and labels are made from recycled paper. We minimize the use of plastics and reuse as much materials as we can. Off course there is always room for improvement and we will always be focused on that.

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