Uplift with Natural Analogues

The architectural trend Biophilic Design, made a huge entrance in the modern built environment as well as in interior design. It seeks to connect people with nature through the incorporation of natural elements in interior architecture. An important part of designing according to Biophilic Design are natural analogues. This addresses organic objects, materials, colours, shapes, and patterns found in nature. They provide an indirect connection with nature and can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve our well-being according to neuroscientific research.

Let’s bring nature home by applying the most successful guidelines from biophilic design using natural analogues:


Organic shapes

Organic shapes create calmness and so does nature. Some even say there is no straight line in nature. This is actually why we enjoy wandering around in nature when visiting a forest, the city park or just staring at the sea. Those are the places where we feel the true psychological impact of organic forms and patterns. It makes us feel balanced, peaceful, and connected. When decorating your house, add baskets, lampshades, bowls, chairs, and couches in organic shapes. It will help you to feel more relaxed.


Natural materials

Interior objects that are made from natural materials create a peaceful atmosphere at home. To make the inert connection with nature it is important that you can see or feel the original material. We love to preserve the authentic character of the materials and integrate human nature into it. As a result, we designed a nature-inspired collection made from only natural and eco-friendly decorative items.


Vary with texture

Evoke the natural world at home by including texture into your interior. Texture has a natural tactility that provokes contact that machinal made objects lack. It triggers curiosity and enhances the connection between objects and the user which can improve the overall well-being. Add plants and fresh flowers to your home - preferable those in season- and brighten your home with colour and scent.


Embrace imperfections

Craftsmanship creates harmony that stimulates the connection with nature at home. It is proven we feel more connected when a product has slight imperfections. It adds character to a person, as well as to a product. Craftsmanship stimulates much more than connection, it is a skill people need to learn. With our handcrafted collection, we create job opportunities under fair trade working conditions.

Apply these simple tips and revitalize your home. You will not only improve your well-being but also reduce your impact on the environment. Check out our super green catalogus!

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