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Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. It is our shelter and sanctuary. A place where we can truly be ourselves. Normally. 2020 has changed the perspective of home. Home is now related to a fulltime office, a classroom, a playground, a place of quarantine, or a place you seldomly leave. To adapt to our changing environment and to keep our spirits up, it is of the utmost importance to revitalize our homes. Preferably the green way. Apply some simple more conscious ideas and it will make you feel better. Promised.

Tips for a green & revitalized home

There are 2 distinct phases to refresh your home: the detox phase and the revitalizing phase. The detox phase contains a declutter and a purifying phase.

Declutter & Clean

Messy places can make it difficult to focus on specific tasks and achieve goals throughout the day. By engaging in the ritual of decluttering and cleaning, research shows that when we have tidied up our space, we feel more optimistic after failure because an organized space boosts our self-esteem and confidence. Eliminate clutter by applying the Konmari method or any other program. For a green approach, and in case you do not have enough time to do a complete clean up, add the following tips:

1. Declutter your house from all unnecessary and unused items that are made from plastic or other non-biodegradable materials. Bring them to the appropriate recycling facility.2. When storing items, use baskets made from biodegradable sundried plant materials like seagrass, jute, banana leaf, or recycled wood instead of plastic. It will give a more cozy atmosphere to the area and is a more environmentally friendly option.3. When plastics are the better alternative to store (eg refrigerator) choose biodegradable or recycled plastic cases.4. Clean your home with biodegradable and/or natural cleaning products.


Purify the air

Clean air means a clear mind.

1. Open all windows once a week and let the air flow through your house. During autumn and wintertime, it might sound chilly but it will definitely refresh your home and your mind.2. Add plants to every area to purify the air and optimize indoor humidity. Go for the super green option by avoiding plastic baskets and choosing the ones made from natural materials. Good purifying options are: Monstera, Dracaena, Clusia, Spathiphyllum, Calathea, and of course the ferns and palms.3. Clear your windows in order to let the light flow in. Open the curtains, blinds and remove obstructing large vases or any other artefacts from the windowsill. Even if you do not use a room that often. Light is positive energy and energy purifies.

The revitalizing phase contains the following steps:

Create designated areas

For a peaceful mindset and more focus, create designated areas according to function. Although this might seems obvious, we often mix the areas up.

1. Make a list of the functions that are important to you.2. Assign a specific function to all the different areas in your home.3. Decorate accordingly. Add cushions, throws, soft textures, and colours to the area you wish to relax. Do you have small kids? Assign an area they can play and decorate it with bright colours and vary with shape and texture.4. When you have more functions than you have space, keep in mind that you adjust the area consistently. For example: Do you work from home and is your kitchen table also your office desk? Make sure that you change the setting of your table to function. When used as an office desk, set your kitchen table as if you were at the office.5. Remove the table cloth and kitchen table decorations. When used as a kitchen table, remove your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and briefcase and set your table nicely. It might seem as an effort but the effects will surprise you.

Add organic materials & shapes

Nature calms and inspires us at the same time. Neuroscientific research shows that organic objects, materials, colors, shapes, and patterns found in nature, provide an inert connection with nature. It can reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve our well-being.

1. Decorate your home with organically shaped baskets, stools, tables, or lamps from natural and/or biodegradable materials, and reduce your impact on the environment.2. Treat yourself with fresh flowers. Flowers brighten up your home with color and scent. Choose preferably the one in season to reduce carbon emissions from greenhouses.3. Embrace imperfections! Handcrafted eco-designcreates harmony that stimulates your connection with nature within your home

Decorate green & healthy

Besides the occasional fruit basket, we seldomly use fruits, vegetables, or herbs as decoration. And we should. Part of a conscious lifestyle is eating healthy and it makes great decoration as well. When surrounded by these healthy goods, you will subconsciously choose a more healthy lifestyle.

1. Display more fruit, vegetables, and herbs throughout your home, at least in your kitchen. You will be more conscious about what you eat.2. Set your table with organic tableware and use organic plates, recycled table cloth, and recycled glasses. Your food will taste twice as nice!3. Choose more often vegan meals. Eating plant-based will reduce your environmental impact tremendously. And a big plus; vegan meals are often a lust for the eye.

Apply these simple tips and revitalize your home. You will not only improve your well-being but also reduce your impact on the environment. Check out our super green catalogus!

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