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Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. It’s our shelter and sanctuary, a place we can truly be ourselves. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has changed our perspective on home. Home is transformed into a fulltime office, a classroom, a playground, a place of quarantine, or a place you seldomly leave. To adapt to our changing environment and to keep our spirits up, it is becoming of the utmost importance to revitalize our homes. Preferably the green way. By applying a few easy, conscious and green adjustments your home will change into a place of optimism, energy and creativity. Research shows that it can improve your wellbeing instantly. That’s a promise!

Revitalize your home go green

Revitalizing your home contains different phases. Start with a detox phase in which you declutter, clean and purify your home. After the detox phase you enter the fun phase of decorating green.



Declutter & Clean Green

Messy places can make it difficult to focus on specific tasks and achieve goals throughout the day. By engaging in the ritual of decluttering and cleaning, we feel more optimistic, confident, and productive according to research. Eliminate clutter by applying the Konmari method or any other program. This method helps you to declutter by category, instead of room-by-room. The goal is to get rid of all clutter, get organized, and use the space again for its essence. In case you do not have enough time for a complete clean up, try these green and simple tips to declutter & clean green.

TIPS TO Declutter & Clean Green


Clean air means a clear mind! Did you know that clean air in your home is important for your overall health and wellbeing? Especially nowadays. We sanitize our hands, wear face masks but often we forget that fresh air in our homes is equally important. Start with regularly purifying the air at home. It can relieve stress and creates a sense of peace. Read the easy and green tips to optimize air quality indoor.




Create Designated Areas

For a peaceful mindset and more focus, create designated areas according to function. Although this might seems obvious, we often mix the areas up. When you have more functions than you have space, keep in mind that you adjust the area consistently. Assign a specific function to all the different areas in your home and decorate accordingly. Add cushions, throws, soft textures, and colours to the area you wish to relax. Assign an area for small kids to play and decorate it with bright colours. Set your kitchen table as if you were at the office when working from home. Remove the table cloth and kitchen table decorations. When used as a kitchen table again, remove your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and briefcase and set your table nicely. It might seem as an effort but the effects will surprise you.


Uplift your home with Natural Analogues

The architectural trend Biophilic Design, made a huge entrance in the modern built environment as well as in interior design. It seeks to connect people with nature through the incorporation of natural elements in interior architecture. An important part of designing according to Biophilic Design are natural analogues. Natural analogues address organic objects, materials, colours, shapes, and patterns found in nature. They provide an indirect connection with nature and can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve our well-being according to neuroscientific research.

Let’s bring nature home by applying the most successful guidelines from biophilic design using natural analogues.


Revitalize with Greens

When we think of decorating green we often think of plants. But how about herbs, fruits and veggies? We seldomly see them as part of our interior decoration but we definitely should! They create great atmosphere, the smell stimulates brain activity and influences us subconsciously to choose for a more conscious lifestyle. Find out the best tips for healthy decoration.

Apply these tips for healthy decoration.

healthy decoration TIPS
Apply these easy and simple tips of these two phase and your home will be revitalized and fits the conscious lifestyle in no time. Conscious living is at the origin of originalhome. You will not only improve your well-being but you will also reduce your impact on the environment. Check out our super green collection!
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