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Revitalizing your home will be of utmost importance in 2022 as the pandemic will continue to play a major role in our lives in 2022. To keep up with the constant change and stay positive, we will increasingly feel the need to improve our health and energy levels.  We will not only see a rise in the purchase of healthy food or wellness products to increase our sense of wellbeing but the urge to constantly improve the energy levels in our homes.


As part of the Revitalize your Home series, originalhome offers an energizing therapy for your home in the shape of three trends.

Light up with colours

Energize your home with your personal set of inspiring colours. To create a different mood at home, a bright colour palette might give you the energy and inspiration you need. Step away from the greys, browns and whites and you will immediately feel lightened up. You do not instantly need to paint all the walls in your favourite colour. Simply spice up your living room with coloured candles or cushions in your favourite colour palette or buy a large bouquet of bright coloured flowers to bring positivity into your home.

Our colour palette for spring/summer 2022 gives energy and inspires creativity:

Lavender: The Pantone colour of the year 2022 is very peri, originalhome calls it lavender. This colour encourages personal inventiveness and creativity

Sky: This light blue tone evokes feelings of calmness or serenity and relates to the fresh crisp blue skies we see in the springtime. It is also described as peaceful, tranquil and secure

Blossom: This pale warm pink is described as relaxing and relates to the blossoming springtime evoking joy and happiness. This colour also stands for creativity.

Yellow: Yellow is an energetic colour that relates to warmth and brightness. It is a cheerful colour that can evoke happiness. Choose a soft yellow to avoid overstimulation.

Green: Symbolizes nature and represents tranquillity. It is thought to relieve stress and help to heal. Some researchers think our positive association with green is “hard-wired” in our brains from evolution: It indicates a place where food, water and shelter can be found.

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Healthy kitchen – decorate with greens

When we think of decorating green we often think of indoor plants. But what about herbs, fruits and vegetables and legumes? We seldomly see them as part of our interior decoration while they should be definitely integrated. They create a calming and lively atmosphere, the smell stimulates brain activity and influences us subconsciously – maybe even to choose for a more conscious lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle will give us more energy, positivity and improve our sense of wellbeing.


Fresh air - indoor = outdoor

Clean air means a clear mind! Did you know that clean air in your home is important for your overall health and wellbeing? It is normal to sanitize our hands and wear face masks. However, we often tend to forget that fresh air in our homes is at least as important. Start by purifying the air of your home with plants and regularly opening the windows. Fresh air relieves stress and evokes a sense of peacefulness. In the warmer seasons, move your living space outdoors and in the colder months create that outdoor feeling indoors with big plants and textured plaids.

Find green and simple tips to optimize air quality of your home in our Purify the Air story.

These three trends make us feel ready for a new season and look positive into the new year. Improve your well-being and reduce your impact on the environment with our eco-design collection!
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