Take a homecation


Big chance that this summer many people will spend their summer holidays in their own backyard, perhaps for the first time ever. With the Corona virus still not completely under control, holidays abroad in 2020 will be more challenging and your own backyard might be the safest option. And why not? A homecation might be the new way to unwind for the summer.

Save the Planet, Stay Local

The trendiest summer holiday option 2020 is definitely a homecation. And it is probably also the most eco-friendly option as well. Not traveling by car, or worse by plane, too far away destinations is It is definitely good for the environment.

Less pollution is not only better for the planet but also for you and everybody around you. Plus it is a great money saver. So (re)discover the beauty of your own country; for great tips and ideas, you turn to your local tourism agency. You will be surprised!

Turn your backyard into a holiday destination!

A homecation means transforming your home and backyard into your own personal resort. Create that super relaxed atmosphere in your garden with plaids, soft pillows, and rattan lampshades for that beachy feeling during the day and a romantic feeling at night. Take the time to set your outside dining table and invest in durable and eco-friendly tableware like bowls and plates from the teak root. Buy new table linen, put fresh flowers on the table and make sure you have a warm throw for the more chilly summer nights.


Let’s cook, share food and laugh

Taking a homecation really means wining down. You will finally have the time to cook new recipes and to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal. It also means time to invite friends and family over for long nights in the garden and taking the time to share stories and laugh.We are sold! Let the summer begin, we are staying home.

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