Waste is beautiful

Did you know that an important part of creating a sustainable future is waste management? It is often indicated by the 3 R-words; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Originalhome designed a whole collection around these 3 r’s. We reuse, recycle and upcycle as much as we can and are very proud that 65% of our collection is made from waste materials.

Waste Materials

We use a variety of natural and/or recyclable waste materials. We turn empty wine bottles into drinking glasses and vases before they end up as litter in the sea or beach. We use discarded wood from boats, houses, barns and trucks and turn it into benches and tables.

Root and branch wood is used for table and kitchenware and we collect waste cotton from spinning mills and other factories to make throws, cushions and liners out of it.

NEW Circular Table Linen from Recycled Garment

New in our assortment is the collection made from left over fabrics from selected garment manufactures in Bangladesh. The waste fabrics are actually cutting waste that is left over when skirts, shirts and trousers are produced. This cutting waste is collected and sorted on colour and components. Without the use of water, chemicals or other dyes these fabrics are processed into fibres. The fibres are mechanically processed into yarn. This yarn is used by our weavers from northern Bangladesh and they weave it into beautiful table cloths, napkins, plaids and aprons by hand.

So these new items are not only circular but also very social; they create job opportunities for people who need them the most.


Made from Waste Logo

You will recognize the made from waste products by their special logo. You will find this logo in our catalogue and on our website. All products are tagged with made from waste labels or wrappers to get the message across to the buyers.

We think that waste is beautiful. You can create perfectly stylish interior decoration out of it. It is definitely not necessary to cut trees and pollute the earth with more chemicals. Get inspired by the beauty of waste and find out how you can contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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