Please follow the care instructions below for optimal usage of our products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: hello@originalhome.nl


All textiles are handmade of 100% (recycled) cotton and are hand-dyed. Natural, recycled fibres are delicate and sometimes not 100% colour proof; please handle with care. When stained, clean gently with a cloth and a very mild detergent. Do not rub to avoid colour difference and damage to the fabric.

• 1st time use:
- Delicate machine wash cold, 30º C
- Wash separately
- Use a mild detergent
- Preferably hang to dry
- Cool iron
• Repeat the above when dirty
• Tumble dry is possible on low temperature
• Sensitive to sunlight
• Do not bleach

Kitchenware Reclaimed Teak

All reclaimed teak (teak root) kitchenware is food safe. For optimal usage please follow the care instructions below.

• 1st time use:
- wash in warm mild soapy water, rinse and dry
• Repeat for daily maintenance
• Do not put in a dishwasher and do not soak
• To protect and enhance the wood, apply from time to time food safe oil with a brush or cloth
• If the item gets rough or stained, refinish it with sandpaper and apply food safe oil

Kitchenware of Recycled Wood

Cutting Board Recycled Large and Medium and the Serving Tray are made of Recycled Wood. Please note that products made of recycled wood are made for decorative purposes only and are not food safe. If you wish to display food on these items, we recommend to use a paper subsurface or simply put the food in bowls and use these items as a serving tray.

Care & Safety Instructions Candles

originalhome Care Instructions

Please be careful with burning candle and follow our care and safety instructions below. Although the candles are made of 100% natural ingredients it is not good to inhale the smoke of the candle.
Please remove all packaging before use and cut the wick to 1 cm length before lighting the candle.

1. Never leave a burning candle unattended
2. Keep away from children and pets
3. Place candles at a distance of 10 cm form each other to prevent candles from dripping
4. Keep candles away from drafts and flammable materials (before lighting the candle)
5. Do not place a burning candle close to a heat source like sunlight, heater or fireplace to prevent the candle from dripping
6. Place the candle on a flat heat-resistant surface. Please make sure that the candle is fixed and cannot fall over
7. Do not place a burnt match or other materials in the candle-grease.
8. Use a snuffer to extinguish a candle or blow carefully while holding your hand behind the candle.
9. Do not add water or any other fluid to the candle
10.Do not move a burning candle
11.Place the candle straight up to prevent the candle from dripping and smoking

The total burning hours of the pillar candle is approximately 100 hours and for the taper candles 8 hours per candle. This can vary based on the circumstances like the length and type of the wick and location (path of draft).

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