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We source our products with the best interest for the planet, people and animals in mind. All products are produced by hand from natural organic (waste) materials. We keep the highest standard possible but all products vary in shape, colour and size.

Originalhome carries the following certifications


We are a social enterprise and our core focus is creating jobs for people who need it the most; people who live in remote, rural areas in 3rd world countries.We work together with companies that are fair trade certified according to WFTO or local certification like EKOTA. Some suppliers are too small yet to get certified and together we will grow into a sustainable organisation.


All of our products are PETA-Approved Vegan. We have declared not to use animal related materials, including but not limited to fur, leather, silk, down or wool. Currently this includes the complete originalhome collection.


The kitchenware made from teak root is certified food safe according to LFGB.


The candles are made from stearin from palm kernel oil. This is an RSPO certified ingredient.

Please contact us via info@originalhome.nl in case you would like to receive a copy of a certification or a list of certification per product.

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