We love to living green and design our products with respect to the planet and it’s people. We have made it our goal to create interior objects that are original & sustainable and contribute to a social cause at the same time. We love to bring you closer to nature and inspire you to design and characterize your home, office or any other spaces in your own original way.


Eco-friendly materials

Nature is at the origin of our products. We aim to minimize a negative impact on our eco-system and use natural, organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials such as fast growing plants like seagrass, jute or bamboo. We have a strong focus on recycling and use materials that otherwise would be considered as waste such as reclaimed wood from houses, barns, boats and trucks, branch and root wood or recycled cotton. These materials are not only durable and eco conscious , they characterize the unique look & feel of our products. We love animals as much as we love our planet and do not use any fur, leather, wool, down or silk in the things we create nor will we make any references to it.


100% eco design

Nature is our design inspiration and we absolutely love organic shapes. Our designs are simple, eliminating all but the essentials. We preserve the authentic character of the materials in our products and call this eco-design. The modern though timeless design of our products fits easily into any style interior. Did you know that organic shapes actually contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing?



We are not in favour of cheap mass production but celebrate craftmanship and small scale production. Our products are skilfully handmade by artisans from Indonesia and Bangladesh. They are carefully crafted using traditional skills and traditional tools like the hand loom and spinning wheel Every items is individually crafted just for you.

Handmade from Bangladesh

100% original

The combination of individually handcrafted items of natural and eco-friendly materials and organic shapes causes small variations in size, shape and colour. We consider this part of the charm. Items may not be 100% perfect, but are 100% original, just like you!



We focus on working with small producers and cottage industries. Small scale industry still exists in developing countries and supports the lifestyle and nature of local people in rural villages. We believe in working towards better distribution of wealth through small scale entrepreneurship. We focus on efficiently managing our supply chain to shorten steps from artisan to consumer and championing local entrepreneurs who work in a sustainable manner with rural communities in developing countries. We embed the fair trade principles of partnership, equality, transparency, fair prices and wages and safe working conditions. Of course child labour is prohibited. It is our goal to improve these circumstances but there is much room for improvement.

Job opportunities in rural Bangladesh

Buy better & reuse

Although we carefully select sustainable, eco-friendly materials for our items and promote conscious consumption there is always more we can do. The best way to reduce a negative impact on the environment is to reuse things! In our collection you will find items that can be reused in a multifunctional way such as the shade ‘n basket and the stool ‘n basket. Check out our latest designs.

New arrivals: multifunctionals

We strongly believe in the preservation of the earth and think this is a cause everybody should join. Even the smallest step made by an individual, is a step into the right direction to create a greener and friendlier planet.

Want to join us or do you have any suggestions on how we can improve things? Please send us an email hello@originalhome.nl or give us a call +31 (0)23 7857708

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