Trees can change lives. Originalhome plants one tree for every candle sold via Trees for the Future. This non-profit organisation focuses on land restoration in developing communities in Africa to break the cycle of hunger, poverty and environmental destruction. Let’s start planting!

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The originalhome candles plant trees in Africa. These trees make the planet greener and support farmers in developing communities. They are planted by Trees for the Future (TREES). TREES works with thousands of farming families and confronts hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation. With trees, tools and training programs, they teach farmers how to sustainably farm their land. This way families can thrive on their land long-term.

To reduce poverty among farmers and improve their family nutrition, Trees for the Future helps farmers plant a variety of trees on their land. This has many benefits.

For the people:

  • Improves food security
  • Family access to diverse nutrition
  • Increased and more reliable income

For the planet:

  • Improves landscape
  • Repairs soil
  • Supports biodiversity
  • Storing of CO2

Besides offering a collection that fights waste issues and helps to create job opportunities for rural communities, 20% of our profits is used for the better of the planet and its people. Together we can make a positive impact on the world.

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