Approximately 80% of newly produced plastic ends up in nature, harming biodiversity. In response to the alarming environmental impact of plastic pollution, Originalhome proudly announces a groundbreaking initiative aimed at combatting plastic waste. Our new, innovative collection of recycled bottle cap lampshades uses 100% recycled plastic and offers a sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor living. This collection not only addresses the urgent issues regarding plastic pollution but also transforms waste into beautiful, handcrafted lampshades, providing both environmental and social benefits. Let’s recycle and reduce plastic to create a greener planet!

Every lampshade makes a positive impact on the planet:

Prevents over 400 bottle caps from ending up in the ocean
Saves biodiversity and cleans up waste
Supports rural communities with job opportunities
Creates awareness for the impact of plastic pollution and its possibilities
In & outdoor use lengthens the lifetime of a lampshade

80% of plastic ends up in nature

Around 80%* of newly produced plastic ends up in nature due to lack of recycling options, inappropriate disposal, rain & wind, currents, and many more reasons. The majority of these plastics end up in the sea destroying biodiversity and spreading toxins, causing harm to the environment.

% of plastic ending up in nature 80%

Originalhome supports a clean-up program in Java, Indonesia that incentivizes locals to collect plastics from coastal areas, rivers, and the ocean. For many plastic recycling projects and products, the bottle caps are left unused because of their colours and harder material. To guarantee a greener planet, originalhome reuses these bottle caps.

The gathered plastics are sorted by type and colour and are sent for recycling in a nearby facility. Through the use of simple machinery for shredding, pelletizing, and extruding plastic waste, the process is perfectly suited for cottage-based industries. This lowers dependency on large manufacturers.

The originalhome partner workshop in East Java, Indonesia traditionally handcrafts the plastic rattan strings into lampshades with the lowest footprint possible. On top of the environmental benefits of cleaning up plastic waste, this project also creates job opportunities for local communities.

* Greyer, Jambeck& Law (2017)

The plastic bottle caps and other plastics are collected by our partners Gotbag’s cleanup foundation in Indonesia. They support multiple clean-up initiatives in 17 coastal communities in Java.

The plastic bottle caps are cleaned and mechanically shredded by our plastic processing partners using simple machinery. The bottle caps arrive unsorted.

The shredded bottle caps are mechanically turned into pellets.

The recycled pellets are mechanically processed into strings that resemble natural rattan. Our local makers transform these strings into modern in- and outdoor lampshades by hand.

All bottle caps have been retrieved by a coastal clean-up program in Java, Indonesia, that involves 17 communities. They help save the planet by cleaning up plastic waste.

Our 1st lampshade made from recycled bottle caps. Every lampshade contains over 400 bottle caps.

Saves biodiversity and cleans up waste
Creates awareness on waste reduction and management for local communities
In & outdoor use lengthens the lifetime of a lampshade
Supports rural communities with job opportunities
Gives ocean-bound plastic a second life

Recycling plastic waste into new lampshades gives this waste a second life, cleans up nature, and helps people in rural areas to have a stable income.

For the planet:

  • Saves valuable resources
  • Cleans up natural areas
  • Supports biodiversity
  • Combats plastic pollution

For the people:

  • Handcraft techniques create more job opportunities
  • Supports small communities
  • Access to a clean living environment
  • More education and awareness of the impact of plastic pollution

Wawan and Navi started their workshop in 2017 with 2 weavers. Their high-quality weaving is eye-catching. Originalhome started working with them in 2018, and their workshop now provides jobs for local weavers in rural East Java. At the end of 2023 they started to learn how to apply the recycled bottle cap strings in the designs. This group of weavers is super proud that they support the clean-up program on their island.

the lampshade weavers

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