How can we care for the planet if we do not care for each other?

Care for people is at the origin of our origins. This is originalhome’s holistic approach to developing an eco & socially sustainable business model for the home decoration industry. Working towards a better distribution of wealth, especially for those in need, is a key part of our aims. There are still many people in our world that live on or below the international poverty line, which means less than $ 2,15 per day. These people live in the more remote and rural areas of most developing countries. We help them improve their life circumstances by providing job opportunities in handcraft. This is how we trade fair.

Reducing poverty through tradeSee products

Poverty reduction through trade is a key part of originalhome’s aims. We partner with local entrepreneurs who work in a social & eco-sustainable manner with (rural) communities in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tanzania. We consistently choose this type of partnership to help create more job opportunities for marginalized people in order to help them elevate their socio-economic status and quality of life. Our makers are organised in a workshop, grouped in associations and co-operatives, or work independently from home.

We maintain long-term relationships with our trading partners. These relationships are based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect. We personally know our partners and visit them bi-yearly. We provide support in management, accounting, investing in raw materials and tools, collectively developing products, and more.

To create as many job opportunities as possible, all originalhome products are made by hand. Handcraft has a low entrance barrier and is thus accessible to many people. Bonus: it’s a production method that has a low impact on the environment.

The handcraft techniques used are often part of the local heritage. By continuing to produce products through handcraft we help these communities preserve their heritage for future generations.

The way originalhome operates with her local partners is especially beneficial for rural women. Handcraft can be organised around the family responsibilities they carry. They can work on their own time schedule from home or in nearby workshops. Empowering women with work elevates their independence, self-esteem and respect for their communities while they advance their socio-economic status and quality of life.

Together with our partners, we make sure to provide positive work environments in rural areas. The workshops are places of trust, cooperation, safety, equality and encouragement. There is no child labour or forced labour and people are given the opportunity to combine work and family life.

There is limited industrialisation in the rural and remote areas where many marginalized people live. These people depend on seasonal agricultural work which often does not provide sufficient income for their families year-round. It is crucial to provide these people with sustainable job opportunities so they can stay with their families and maintain their village-based lives. Otherwise, they may be forced to migrate to the larger cities where job opportunities are even more scarce and living conditions worse.

Moving from income insecurity to being self-sufficient is very meaningful. Having a stable source of income not only elevates the economic status of these marginalized people, it also provides a healthier and safer lifestyle, ánd fulfils them with pride and dignity. Additionally, they gain more respect from their community. This is especially empowering to women who are still fighting for equality in these regions.

We embed the Fair Trade principles of quality, respect, partnership, fair wages, transparency, fair pricing, and safe working conditions in our ways of working. It is the 1st step to elevate people from poverty.

Many of our partners are Fairtrade certified according to international standards, carry local certifications and/or are in the process of getting certified. Some of the partners are too small yet to apply for certification but are hoping to achieve this one day through our support.

Fair prices are freely negotiated through dialogue and are based on a transparent price setting. It includes a fair wage and a fair profit for all parties.

Our last, but certainly not least, step in working towards a better distribution of wealth is to give back. Every year, originalhome gives back 20% of profits to specially selected causes. This is a way for us to pour our money back into the system for more people to enjoy and benefit rather than just a few.

It’s time to create an original home. A place where you can relax, be creative, get inspired and most importantly be your 100% original you.

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