A lampshade can strongly define the atmosphere in a room. Choose a lampshade to be the centrepiece in the living room or above the dining table or to light up hidden corners with ambient light. Our handwoven lampshades are the right choice if you are looking for organic shapes to achieve a natural look and feel. They do not only look stunning they are also sustainably sourced and ethically made in small workshops in Java, Indonesia.

  • 100% sustainable & renewable materials
  • organic design
  • handcrafted
  • ethically sourced/ fair trade certified
  • supports local communities

green dining table eco design


Share your light with the world with these WFTO fair trade candles made from certified palm kernel wax. The candles come in a wide colour range. Our candles are hand-poured by women in a small factory in a rural village in East-Java, Indonesia. The factory empowers women by training them in the candle-making process, offering them a safe environment and fair wages. All candles are unscented, vegan and have a cotton wick.

  • 100% natural
  • handcrafted
  • clean burn
  • vegan
  • fair trade certified

Baskets & Trays

These handmade baskets & trays are not only a feast for the eye, they are super multifunctional as well. Use them as a planter, to store your blankets or smaller items, or simply display them in a room or on a table as a piece of art. Our baskets are made from 100% natural, sustainable, and renewable plant fibres, made by hand by the artisans of rural communities of Bangladesh and Indonesia and are ethically sourced.

  • fair trade certified
  • 100% natural & renewable materials
  • handmade
  • multifunctional