The COVID-19 AID THROUGH TRADE BANGLADESH promotion generated an equivalent of 10.000 kgs rice for the jobless artisans of the handloom workshop in Panchagarh Bangladesh since last April. Together with our customers, our Dutch distributor Prospectt B.V. and the donations of generous supporters of the cause, many jobless artisans are receiving their weekly donation for basic necessities during the Corona period.

Today over 80 artisans receive their weekly support that is distributed by the workshop staff and local government. Every two weeks a local government official selflessly audits the donation of the funds that not only supports the artisans related to the handloom factory but also locals that due to their handicap lack support for daily necessities.


The artisans face life below the poverty line since the COVID-19 outbreak. Many Bengal rely on their income on a piece by piece or daily rate basis. Since the outbreak, many European buyers cancelled their production orders causing many workshops to close down. To make things worse the authorities of Bangladesh ordered a total lockdown since the 25th of March. Many workshops do not have the funds to support their flexible staff and with the country lacking a proper social security system many day labourers are on their own. The pan epidemic turns into a personal disaster for many artisans and their families.

Local Leader Government Official Mr. Shaheen


Originalhome promotes earth, people, and animal friendliness and builds its product portfolio on conscious consumption and production. We are about a better distribution of wealth, equality, transparency, fair pricing, and partnership. If we want to make the world a better place we need to take our responsibility especially during crises and look beyond our own challenges to support those in need. Good partnership with our producers is a large piece of the pie. Because of good partnership with the handloom factory, its owner Mohammad Ali Khan and our customers we can make a small difference in the lives of a few.


Are you interested in participating in the Aid Through Trade campaign or do you have questions please connect to hello@originalhome.nl.