With warmer weather finally here, everyone is eager to go and enjoy the outside as much as possible. Complete your outdoor spaces with some of your indoor favourites. To savour any outdoor space deep into the night, why not put up some of the originalhome organic lampshades outdoors? Our handwoven lampshades make the perfect addition to any outdoor space, bringing a natural look and feel that will complement any style.

Originalhome lampshades are made from untreated natural materials. They can withstand a bit of weather, but they might discolour as they are left exposed to the elements. This is how to best care for them when styling them outdoors.

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Make sure to securely hang your organic lampshade from a terrace roof, beam, or sturdy tree branch. Make sure they cannot catch too much wind and crash against something nearby.


Preferably hang your lampshades in a location that is protected from the elements, such as under a porch or on a covered patio. Leaving the lampshades fully exposed to the elements year-round will reduce their lifespan slightly.


If you don’t have the option to hang your lampshades under a covered area, consider a system where you can easily remove the lampshade and put it in indoor storage, especially for the colder and rainier winter months.


Think about the type of lighting you can fit in your outdoor space. Make sure you use electricals designed to function outside.


When you take good care of your organic lampshades, they will last and age beautifully. Rattan and abaca are untreated natural fibres. Keep them dust and dirt free with a cloth or soft brush to maintain them. To clean any stains you can use a mild detergent and to remove mould you can use a mix of natural vinegar diluted with water.

Come rain or shine, these natural lampshades are a durable choice for inside or outdoors and will surely elevate any space. Choose a lampshade to be the centrepiece in your outdoor lounge area, above the dining table, or to light up hidden corners with ambient light.

It’s time to create an original home. A place where you can relax, be creative, get inspired and most importantly be your 100% original you.

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