Originalhome proudly supports “Green Friday” – a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to the traditional Black Friday shopping frenzy. Originalhome is leading the way by encouraging mindful consumerism with 6 tips to stay on the conscious buying path instead of spending too much on things that you do not really need. Applicable to every day not just on Black Friday. Originalhome fosters a positive social and environmental change and redefines this day of deals as a celebration of conscious buying instead.

6 Tips for Conscious Buying:

Green Friday, an evolution of the Black Friday tradition, prompts shoppers to consider the impact of their purchases on society, the environment, and local communities. Black Friday has many devastating effects, on the planet as well as on people, such as an increase in C02 emissions and waste generation which damages our health and the environment. It’s time to buy consciousness
instead. If you cannot hold back make these 6 tips your shopping guidelines.

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The Originalhome collection offers a range of eco-friendly products, includingupcycled glassware, waste-based textiles, and plant-based candles. By choosingthese items, you support both the environment and ethical craftsmanship. Incontrast, buying from non-transparent and unsustainable brands caninadvertently endorse harmful practices like pollution, resource exploitation,and unethical labour. Opting for transparent and sustainable brands likeOriginalhome promotes responsible consumption, ethics, and environmentalconservation.

Choosing quality means investing in durable, cost-effective products thatoutlast and outperform others, saving you money in the long run. Quality itemsare eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and contribute to your well-being. Theysupport ethical practices and brand loyalty, delivering reliable, long-lastingitems while reducing clutter and environmental impact. These values aligndirectly with Originalhome which is why we provide only the highest qualityproducts.

Originalhome promotes conscious shopping that benefits the planet andpeople. While the economy and small businesses depend on shopping holidays,we encourage mindful consumption instead of complete abstinence.Embracing Green Friday, we see every purchase as a potential agent of change,empowering our customers to choose items that create a positive impact,ultimately reducing waste and driving positive change.

“At Originalhome, we believe in the power of conscious consumerism,” saidPatricia Khouw, CEO of Originalhome. “This Green Friday, we invite everyone tomake thoughtful choices that benefit both ourselves and the world.”
Our collection features sustainable products, from upcycled glassware to waste-based textiles and plant-based candles, offering shoppers high-quality itemswith a positive impact. Additionally, 20% of Originalhome’s profits go toward ecoand social causes, supporting vital initiatives like ‘One Candle, One Tree,’ whichplants trees in Africa for every candle purchased, contributing to a greenerplanet.

Delving into materials and sourcing is at the heart of conscious shopping, with a significant emphasis on its positive environmental impact. By making sustainable choices, supporting ethical practices, and prioritizing eco-friendly materials, we not only ensure product quality and safety but also reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, this scrutiny fosters transparency and empowers us to align our purchases with our values, creating a brighter, more sustainable future. To minimize a negative impact on our eco-system, Originalhome solely uses natural, organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and/or materials that would otherwise be considered as waste. The products have been sourced and produced with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Supporting small businesses offers numerous benefits. They create local jobs,foster community, provide personalized services, and offer unique products,enriching shopping choices. Backing small businesses promotesentrepreneurship, innovation, and eco-friendly practices, while also enhancingsocial engagement in community initiatives. Choosing small businessescontributes to robust local economies and connected neighbourhoods.

In conclusion, Originalhome embraces “Green Friday” as a sustainable alternative to Black Friday, promoting daily conscious consumerism. Our 6 tips encourage mindful choices that benefit society, the environment, and local communities. Green Friday reminds us to consider the social impact of our purchases, advocating for sustainability, transparency, quality over quantity, and support for artisans and small retailers.

At Originalhome, we lead by example, offering eco-friendly products and dedicating 20% of profits to eco and social causes. Supporting small businesses is integral to our mission, bolstering local economies and communities.

Our commitment centers on materials, sourcing, and environmental impact, empowering us to make choices that align with our values, create a sustainable future, and foster positive change. Together, we can transform not just how we shop but also the world we live in. Join us now!

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