Bring the indoors out and reconnect with nature!

Warmer weather is finally here. Time to step outside and connect with nature by extending our living spaces to outdoor areas. If you’re lucky enough to have any kind of outdoor space, large or small, don’t let it go to waste! Here’s how to create a cosy outdoor living room and expand your home.

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Bring the outside in and the inside out. When you extend your interior design style into your outside space, the seamless transition between indoors and outdoors will enhance the biophilic design of both environments. When it comes to furnishing your outdoor space, make sure to choose eco-friendly materials that are durable and sustainable so they can last and don’t harm the nature you’re trying to enjoy more.

Lighting is an important factor in any living space, indoor or outdoor. Not only is it functional and will it allow you to enjoy the outdoors even after the sun sets, it also sets the mood and will allow you to create a cosy atmosphere. Lampshades from sustainable materials such as rattan or abaca (banana leaves) can be hung outside and will blend in perfectly with the nature surrounding them.

Add the finishing touch to your outdoor living room and decorate outside as much as you would inside. Soft textiles like throws and cushions will make your space cosy and inviting. The throws made from Waste Cotton will keep you comfortable on those chilly spring and summer evenings. They will allow you to enjoy the outside to the fullest, without harming the planet!

It’s time to create an original home. A place where you can relax, be creative, get inspired and most importantly be your 100% original you.

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