Want to work on a healthier mind and body? Start by creating a healthier home. Our home is the place that can transform our entire lives. It is important to design the place that we use to relax and recharge as one that inspires us and makes it easy to live our best lives.

To create a healthier environment, start in your kitchen. Often referred to as “the heart of the home” and with good reason; if you want to improve your resilience to change, it is vital to stay healthy. Time to start transforming your kitchen into a healthy space that inspires you to prepare wholesome meals and get creative. Let’s green up your kitchens and improve your well-being!

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When we think of biophilic and green decorating we often think of plants. But what about herbs, fruits, and veggies? We rarely think of them as part of our interior decoration but we definitely should! They create a natural atmosphere, the smell stimulates brain activity and subconsciously influences us to choose a more conscious lifestyle. The presence of healthy foods can influence our mental and physical well-being. Research shows that citrus fruits stimulate productivity and happiness while a cucumber makes us hungry for other veggies. So let fruit and veggies work for you and make them part of your interior decoration to inspire healthier living.

Apply these 4 tips to turn your kitchen into a healthy haven:

Decorate your kitchen abundantly with herbs, fruits and veggies. Did you know not all fruits and veggies belong in the fridge and some should be stored at room temperature? Big plus: Healthy foods are simply too beautiful to store out of sight and make for colourful decoration. Displaying the greens will also inspire you to eat more healthily. So remove the healthy goods from your refrigerator and display that pepper, tomato, pumpkin, and eggplant in handwoven baskets or on wooden trays.

Save the planet and improve your health. Use tableware made from organic & reusable materials such as teak root wood. The originalhome kitchenware collection is made from waste and treated with natural vegetable oils, safe for your food and saving the planet at the same time. Not only is this material eco-friendly but it also adds a natural touch to your kitchen décor and table setting. By choosing natural and sustainable tableware you also increase your well-being because it enhances the biophilic design of your home. Organic products not only look and feel great but also inspire you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Make the most out of your kitchen by displaying fresh ingredients to optimize your meals and reduce food waste. Fresh produce can inspire you to try new, healthy meal ideas while also reminding you of what you have on hand and what needs to be used before it goes bad. Plus, you’ll save money while saving the planet!

  • Leftovers? Don't toss them out! Get creative and turn them into delicious meals with minimal effort. With fresh ingredients on display, you can easily combine them with your leftovers to make creative and healthy meals that are both delicious and sustainable. So, let's get cooking and make the most out of every ingredient in your kitchen!
  • You know that basil plant that always dies no matter how hard you try to keep it alive? Try separating the plant and dividing it over several pots. It will grow much more abundantly because it has more room to flourish and gives you multiple plants for the price of one!

Greening up your kitchen is not a one-time thing. To maintain a healthy environment, make it a habit to incorporate fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your daily routine. Start small by adding a few items to your kitchen counter and gradually increase the number of healthy items on display to boost both your mental and physical well-being.

Incorporating plants, fruits, and vegetables into your kitchen decor promotes a healthier lifestyle by having healthy options within reach at all times. At the same time, it enhances your physical and mental well-being in general as it aligns perfectly with the principles of biophilic design. Talk about a win-win! By following these tips, you can green up your kitchen and make it a healthy and refreshing place to be. And if you’re looking for organic and inspiring kitchen products, be sure to check out our favorite products below.

It’s time to create an original home. A place where you can relax, be creative, get inspired and most importantly be your 100% original you.

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