Excited to celebrate the season, but want to make your Christmas a bit greener and eco-friendlier this year? We’ve got 7 tips to get you started decorating, giving and celebrating green.

Let’s spread some holiday cheer while keeping the planet in mind. Find out how fun eco-friendly festivities can be!

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Reclaim your Xmas tree’s purpose & explore some sustainable options:

  • Get a tree with a root ball to replant every year. Check with your nearest Xmas Tree farm to see which type of tree can be replanted and take good care of it whilst the tree is in your home to improve its chances of survival. Some places even let you adopt a tree and will replant it for you, to be used again for years to come.
  • Propagate branches from your tree and grow your own Xmas tree for the future. Not only is this a fun activity, it could also help you cut down on costs the coming years.
  • Decorate one of your house plants instead!
  • Contemplate getting a faux tree. Research shows that when faux trees are kept and used for 10+ Christmases, it has a smaller footprint than cutting down a real tree each year.
  • When disposing of your tree, reach out to local (petting) zoos or animal rescue centers who might want your old tree for their animals and enclosures. Or check with your local council for other sustainable options, so your tree does not go to waste.

There are many sustainable options to decorate your home for the holidays. Use what you already have in a different way, forage in nature for greenery, dry oranges or berries for natural color and great smell, or use sustainable decorations from originalhome!

Decorate with our sustainable jute stars and garlands, waste wood xmas tree ornaments or plant-based xmas tree and advent candles.

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Choose gifts that are environmentally friendly, such as locally made products, items made from recycled materials, or opt to give experiences instead of physical items. By choosing gifts from natural materialsdurable products, and supporting sustainable practices, you can make a positive impact on the world ánd its people. A great way to give to your loved ones and to the planet at the same time!

The originalhome Social Gifts are specially selected gift items that support a social & sustainable cause at the same time. Because of the unique story behind the product, they are the perfect gifts for that very special someone. The gifts are packed in recycled paper packaging and come with the option to personalize your message. With the purchase of a Social Gift, you support people in remote areas of the world that suffer from poverty and unemployment.

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To help keep waste to a minimum, you can use originalhome Reusable Wrapping Cloths to wrap your gifts. Made from recycled, hand spun and hand dyed cotton yarn, these cloths are woven on a traditional handloom by rural women from the northern part of Bangladesh.

To use: simply fold the cloth around your gift just like normal wrapping paper and tie the ends together in a knot or reuse some ribbon to wrap it up. Then reuse it on the next gift!

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Be mindful of energy usage this time of year with Christmas lights and decorations. To reduce unnecessary energy consumption, use timers for your festive indoor and outdoor lights and don’t keep all on at the same time. To maximize coziness and minimize energy usage, light some plant-based candles to bring a planet friendly light into your space. The originalhome Xmas Tree Candles double as both light bringers and festive decor, a two in one!

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Make your Christmas dinner table an eco-conscious experience for the whole family (and the planet). This is how to do it:

  • Set the table with sustainable tableware
    Opt for reusable dishes and cutlery. The originalhome kitchenware collection is made from waste teak root. Serve dinner and clean up waste!
  • Opt for organic & ethically sourced foods
    Whenever possible, choose organic produce and ethically sourced meats and seafood, preferably local!
  • Minimise food waste
    Plan your portions carefully to minimize leftovers. If you do have leftovers, encourage guests to take them home or plan to use them in subsequent meals.

This time of year can be hard for many all around the world. Let’s all give back whenever, however and to whomever we can and make this planet a better place for all.

When shopping for gifts and decorations, support brands and artisans that are known for their eco-friendly practices. Consider gifting donations to environmental charities or adopting an endangered animal in someone’s name. Support local businesses as much as possible.

With a gift from the originalhome collection, you can rest knowing your purchase has a positive impact on the planet and its people. All our products are handmade by local artisans in rural areas, in the most sustainable way possible. Plus, we donate 20% of our profits to eco and social causes and plant a tree for every candle sold.

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