At originalhome, we believe in creating a sustainable future by reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly alternatives. Not creating plastic waste is a big part of this. Did you know between 75 and 199 million tons of plastic waste can currently be found in our oceans? This is causing enormous harm to all marine life and the overall environment*.

This is why we are excited to kick off Plastic-Free July and encourage everyone to make a positive change and embrace eco-conscious & plastic-free products. Let’s explore the benefits of using plastic-free kitchenware, both for your personal health and for the planet.

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Healthier for you, and for the planet. Our Reclaimed Teak kitchenware collection is the perfect plastic-free solution for all your kitchen and dining needs. Each item is handcrafted from waste teak roots sourced from certified teak plantations. When teak is harvested, the roots are typically discarded. However, there is an opportunity to transform this waste into beautiful and functional kitchenware. The items are treated with natural vegetable oils: they are safe for your food and save the planet at the same time.

By utilizing teak roots, we not only prevent them from becoming waste but also provide employment opportunities to our talented artisans in Indonesia. From digging up the roots to the intricate process of crafting each item by hand: multiple people are involved. This creates a positive social impact on the local community in addition to being an eco-friendly solution.

Our artisans are passionate about not letting anything go to waste. All the small cut-offs from the larger items are picked up again to make the smaller items, such as spoons. And even the wood chips and sawdust is collected and used to make fires for cooking in the local villages nearby.

All originalhome products are designed to offer you an earth and people friendly alternative to decorate your home, office or any other space in the most sustainable way possible. By choosing natural materialsdurable products, and supporting sustainable practices, you can make a positive impact on the world ánd its people. Let’s swap out the plastic and create a healthier, more sustainable home.


Join us in embracing a Plastic-Free mindset this July and see what swaps you can make to make a difference in the world. Together, we can create a sustainable future and preserve our planet for generations to come. Let’s make the planet greener and friendlier together!

It’s time to create an original home. A place where you can relax, be creative, get inspired and most importantly be your 100% original you.

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