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Originalhome plants one tree for every candle sold via Trees for the Future. This non-profit organisation focuses on land restoration in Africa to break the cycle of hunger, poverty and environmental destruction.

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Materials with a low carbon footprint that are friendly to the environment and to people as well. 75% of our collection is from (organic) waste.

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Handcraft safeguards the planet while it provides necessary job opportunities in the rural areas.

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We support small entrepreneurs with a sustainable and/or social mission and apply the principles of fair trade.

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and we love animals too!

Revitalize your home and create a healthy, inspiring, and energizing atmosphere in every room of your house by applying a few simple tricks.

Revitalize your home

Our collection is based on the principles of biophilic design by emanating nature and preserving the authentic character of the materials in our organic but minimalistic designs. Our collection fits any style interior, increases your well-being, inspires you to be creative and emphasizes your uniqueness. Our products may not be perfect, but are 100% original, just like you!

All our products are handmade from natural and/or waste materials and vary in size, shape and colour. It emphasises their uniqueness and we consider this as part of the charm.

These Social Gifts carry a special message. With each purchase you support people in remote areas of the world that suffer from poverty and unemployment.

Social gifts

With its smooth curves, elegant finish and person-like shape, Cutting Board Fem makes a refined and eco-friendly statement piece. Available in 4 different sizes, they can be layered as a group to add a real statement to your kitchen or displayed separately for a subtle natural touch; catering to anybody’s wishes.


Suharto, the owner of this design workshop, has a passion for everything that is made out of wood. Together with his team, they select and source the waste materials themselves to ensure the materials have the best quality and are eco-sustainable.

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