Wenping & his business partner Prananto started their candle making factory for a specific reason: They want to give back to their community in East-Java, Indonesia. They initially wanted to create toxic free crayons for kids made from palm wax as a replacement for the less healthy options. However, they found out that the crayons where not good to draw with. They turned their business into a candle factory and nowadays they produce candles non-stop in all sizes and shapes. Their starting point is more happy families by creating more job opportunities. Therefore, they pour the candles by hand. This is very important for rural communities where the unemployment and poverty rates are high.

The women work in a very safe environment (there is a strict safety protocol), earn fair wages and receive free medical insurance for themselves and their family. The aim of the entrepreneurs is a fair living wage and not just the minimum. The women are proud to contribute to their family income and are able to take better care of their families. On top of that, they gain more respect from their community which is very important in these kind of rural areas.

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