In 2010, Mani and Anneloes, a Dutch/Tanzanian couple, started their recycling workshop in Mwanakwareke on the island of Zanzibar. They supply our glassware collection made from upcycled wine bottles collected from hotels, restaurants and bars.

The idea for the glass upcycling workshop originated while offering a “tourist 2 tourist” programme. It encouraged tourists to design and make souvenirs made from waste. Today, they aim to improve the economic opportunities for the locals and offer a solution for the waste issue on the island. Zanzibar has no proper recycling system in place and a lot of waste ends up in nature. The workshop makes locals more aware of the importance of recycling and keeping the island clean.

They empower women and marginalised youth by training in the craft of glassmaking, teaching important life skills and English. This way of working is especially important for women as they gain independence in a conservative society.

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