Sustainable plant material

Plant fibres like water hyacinth, seagrass, unbleached jute, abaca are selected as raw materials because they are sustainably sourced from local communal plantations but above all; they renew on their own, grow extremely quickly and uses no to limited pesticides. This makes them especially environmentally friendly. Did you know that some of these materials are considered as waste? The colour of the materials can vary per season or drying time which gives the products a lively shade.

Benefits of using sustainable plants as a raw material:

  • Limited or non-usage of pesticides and fertilisers are used to grow these plants
  • These plants grow very quickly (jute matures in 4.5 months vs 20 years for a teak tree)
  • No uprooting necessary (regenerates on its own)
  • High capacity of CO2 absorption and/or other toxins
  • Non industrialised materials sourcing process

Made from waste

75% of our collection is made from (organic) waste materials like empty wine bottles, teak root, wood from old houses, barns, boats and trucks or recycled textiles. An important part of creating a sustainable future is waste management indicated by the 3-R words; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The majority of waste that we globally produce ends up in the environment causing huge problems for animals & people. Turning waste into styling home decoration supports cleaning up the litter. Waste is beautiful!

Benefits of using waste as a raw material:

  • avoids negative impact of producing new materials
  • saves CO2 emissions, land, and trees
  • stops destroying the biodiversity
  • improves waste management
  • is more durable; lengthens the lifetime of a material

Social Gifts

Social Gifts are specially selected gift items that support a social & sustainable cause at the same time. Because of the unique story behind the product, they are the perfect gifts for that very special someone. The gifts are packed in recycled paper packaging and come with the option to personalize your message. With the purchase of a Social Gift, you support people in remote areas of the world that suffer from poverty and unemployment.

  • made from sustainable materials
  • handcrafted
  • fair trade certified
  • empowers women
  • support local communities