Cloth Recycled – Dark Grey

The cloths recycled are made from recycled garnment cotton. They are hand spun, hand dyed and are handwoven on a traditional handloom by rural women from the northern part of Bangladesh.

This Cloth Recycled is available in size 200-210 x 100 in the colors Black/ Striped White, Grey, White/ Striped Black, Green, Curry, Rust Red, Light Brown, Blue and Forest.

The Cloths have fringes which make them very nice as beach or picnic cloth.

The cloths recycled from originalhome are ethically made and sourced and support rural women in the northern & western part of Bangladesh.

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200-210 x 100 cm
Dark Grey
All products are handcrafted from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. They can slightly vary in size, shape and colour but are all 100% original.
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