Recycled Textile

Recycled textile is used for cloths, throws, tableware and aprons. During the whole production process no additional water nor dyes are used.

Low impact sourcing & production process

1. Made from textile waste

The raw material for our recycled textile products is textile waste from the garment industry in Bangladesh. 1kg of recycled textile saves:
  • 7,4 kg of CO2
  • 3.6 litres water
  • 6.82 m2 land used
  • 7,1 kg terrestrial ecotoxicity
compared to non-recycled textiles.

2. Traditionally handmade

The fabric cut-offs are collected, sorted by colour, pulverized and hand spun into a yarn. This yarn is handwoven on a traditional handloom in a small workshop in the northern part of Bangladesh. Skilful weavers and sewers turn the discarded textile into durable home textiles and support in the waste reduction process.

Creating job opportunities

one craftsperson needs 1 day to make 2 table cloths
From harvesting until the end product, the entire process is executed by hand and/or with the support of simple traditional tools. Multiple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.
The Makers