Waste cotton is used as a raw material for throws, cushion covers and khadi table runners, napkins and table cloths. The waste cotton comes from leftover cotton fiber from the cotton industry. The raw material is collected at cotton spinning mills or at cotton processing factories where they use cotton for products such as make-up pads and swabs. Our throws and cushion covers made from waste cotton are made in Indonesia while our Khadi textiles, such as table napkins and table cloths are made in Bangladesh.

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Our textile made from waste cotton in Bangladesh respects the traditional Khadi spirit. Khadi (or khādī) was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi in India in the 1920s. The Khadi movement encouraged the spinning of textiles for rural self-employment and self-reliance instead of using cloth manufactured industrially in Britain.

From harvesting until the end product, the entire process is executed by hand and/or with the support of simple traditional tools. Multiple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.

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