Hogla is a type of grass that abundantly grows in Bangladesh and is used as a material for baskets, cushions and placemats. Hogla grass regularly causes problems near the shores as it can overgrow whole harbors, rivers and ponds. This material is considered a weed and the local villagers remove it. If it is not used for home décor products, the plant will decompose in the soil or be used as firewood for daily cooking.

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From harvesting until the end product, the entire process is executed by hand and/or with the support of simple traditional tools. Multple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.

The locals benefit from the fields as they help them to create job opportunities for almost a whole village. Usually one group is responsible for producing the rope out of the Hogla fibre and another one further processes them into handwoven products. Especially women are working in the Hogla manufacturing which enables them to provide their families with an additional income.

The Makers