Originalhome combats plastic pollution by supporting a PET bottle clean-up initiative in Indonesia and turning bottle caps into beautiful, handcrafted lampshades. Approximately 80% of newly produced plastic ends up in nature, harming biodiversity. This program collects plastics from coastal areas, rivers, and the ocean, sorting and recycling the bottle caps into plastic rattan-like strings. Local artisans then craft these strings into eco-friendly lampshades, contributing to a greener planet and reducing plastic waste.

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This clean up program in Indonesia collects plastics from coastal areas, rivers and the ocean. The gathered plastics are sorted by type and colour and are sent for recycling in a nearby facility.

For many plastic bottle recycling projects and products, the bottle caps are left unused because of their colours and harder material. To guarantee a greener planet, originalhome reuses these bottle caps.

Local artisans traditionally handcraft these strings into lampshades with the lowest emission impact possible. On top of the environmental benefits of cleaning up plastic waste, this project also creates job opportunities for local communities.

From collecting the plastic waste to crafting the end product, the creation of these lampshades is executed by hand as much as possible.  Multiple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.

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